Our Roots

How we got started

While most people crave a morning cappuccino or a cup of Earl Grey, Kima McKiernan starts her day with a hot ginger tea. The spicy kick makes a great substitute for caffeine and this natural digestive aid is a bit easier on the stomach than bitter coffee. Before Kovi Kai though, there was one problem with this morning routine: peeling, chopping, and juicing ginger each morning was messy and time consuming. As a mother of two, there was hardly enough time in the day to pack lunches, prepare healthy meals, and shuttle her boys between school and soccer practice, let alone spend a half hour each morning concocting her own health tonic.

Kima wanted to prepare enough ginger to last her the week, but lose none of the flavor or freshness. So she experimented with different preparation methods to preserve the miraculous root’s essential enzymes, nutrients, and vitamins. Kima began cold-pressing ginger and freezing the resulting juice into pre-portioned cubes and voila! Her morning ritual became as simple as popping a ginger cube into a mug of hot water, giving her more time to savor her morning yoga practice and breakfast with the boys. That’s when the idea for Kovi Kai was born. 

Kima founded Kovi Kai Elixirs in 2017, with the mission of making healthy living more hassle free. Kima chose this name for her business – a blend of her sons’ names – to represent her commitment to building a healthy future for her kids and for the planet. In addition to ginger cubes, Kovi Kai now produces turmeric triangles to provide the nutritional and health benefits of these nourishing roots to busy, health-conscious people everywhere.

Kima McKiernan is the founder of Kovi Kai Elixirs and mother of two children, for whom the all-natural health food brand is named.