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Spice up your life with KoviKai's cold-pressed organic ginger and turmeric elixirs! Kovikai's zesty superfood cubes can be used to make smoothies, cocktails, stir-fry, the best live tea, and hundreds of other delectable dishes and drinks. Whether you're a fitness fanatic, health enthusiast, or flavor seeker, KoviKai's got you covered. Boost your smoothies, cocktails, and exotic recipes with nature's most healing ingredients. It's not just a drink – it's a wellness revolution in a cube!

Why Kovi Kai?

Non-GMO Certified

100% Organic


No Sugar Added


Farm Fresh

Revitalize Your Routine with Kovi Kai Elixirs – Your Daily Dose of Wellness

Discover the essence of health with Kovi Kai's perfectly portioned, frozen elixirs. Transform a simple cup of hot water into an invigorating tea infused with our cold-pressed organic ginger and turmeric – all in the blink of an eye, with no peeling or chopping. Elevate your smoothies and meals with a cube of concentrated goodness, adding zest without the mess. At Kovi Kai, we champion the sacred practice of daily nourishment. Let our elixirs be the guardians of your well-being in the relentless rhythm of life.